Hey guys! I am Janoo, the name and face behind Janoo Patel Hair and Makeup. I embarked upon this journey somewhat five years ago and since then it has become my dream. A Senior Clinical Research Associate by profession, my passion for the make up industry could not have been further away from this, yet once I was drawn into this world, it very quickly became a platform for me to be able to express and showcase my creativity.

This for me has always been about colours, vibrancy and the idea of taking a blank canvas and building it into a true masterpiece. We all have our unique features and I love enhancing these through different products, trends and techniques.

Having been given the honour and privilege of being trained by the renowned Ambreen Makeup and Aamir Naveed Hair, I have had the opportunity to build on my existing skill set whilst learning new ones and being able to maintain and practice my own style. A journey that has taken me to several destinations and one I look forward to continue growing on.

“Have a mind that can create its own craft and eyes that see the beauty in everything”

With love and gratitude
Janoo x