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Browse through some of my favourite products. These have all been tried and tested and I would highly recommend them. This page will be updated with new products/categories on an ongoing basis.

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Sansevieria (Snakey)

Who wouldn’t want a little more luck in their lives! These plants are native to Africa and Madagascar so thrive in warmer conditions and love bright light but will be quite happy in partially shaded areas. They also don’t mind a little neglect so you can enjoy their presence without worrying about them needing too much care.

Fiddle Leaf Fig

The popular Fiddle Leaf Fig is already insta-famous and is now available in a smaller size. It perfectly suits our textured grey houseplant pot.

Green Monstera Plant Gang

These bold, leafy plants & on-trend succulents, in our classic grey ceramics, are selected to be easy to care for & will transform any space. Included in this plant gang is: Monstera (Swiss Cheese plant) Calathea (Prayer plant) Medium Miranda (Molded Wax Agave).